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Hi there. Nice to meet you.

I'm Lisa, a native Nova Scotian, living and working in Halifax. I've been a graphic designer for 20 years. My design experience ranges from designing and preparing for print in a busy print shop, then working as an in-house designer for more than a decade, to volunteering, freelancing and teaching.


Now I work for myself. My niche is being something like your in-house designer... from a distance. I am creative, effective and reliable and take pride in my work and relationships with clients. If you have a project that needs design help, let's talk about it. I am always happy to work with new clients to find a solution that makes an impact. 

A little about me outside of work, because all work and no fun, as they say.... 

I am a big fan of miniatures and I love to make dioramas and collect tiny objects. I paint and draw as well; I'd love to do it more. I'm a vinyl enthusiast with an extensive and well-loved record collection. I enjoy live music, travel when possible, and spending time with my wonderful friends, my super cool hairdresser daughter, and my cat, Floyd, 

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